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May 08, 2008



Thanks for some really good advice!

Thomas Nilsson

I would have liked it better if someone said it was like drinking a martini after ten glasses of water :-)

Interesting info about approaching a rep.
I will try to remember it when/if I need to contact one.

David Bean

Thanks for the info. It can be so hard sometimes to show your personality through an email.

It's almost like speaking to a Frechman after 1 year of taking high school French. You think you're telling him his suit is nice and you end up insulting his mother.


Mainly is it just about using common sense and doing research. An interesting email is not everything, is is hitting the right person up with that email also.

I just got got an email from a fashion photographer, and I sent him the link to the blog and I got a very pissy email in return. So he will waste a lot of time...

Dano Pendygrasse

I found this post to be really encouraging. I've almost outgrown my market and at some point in the near future need to start making these contacts. It's nice to hear perspective from someone on the other side of the email.


Hampus Ericstam

Haha nice! I said that to you with the water and martinis. I think it was actually pina coladas....

chris kargotis

My big lesson was, what you should do before you approach a rep.

Josh Cole

What a great blog entry. So often I have heard that finding a rep is really all about how much you bill in a year (in addition, of course, to one's work being good). It's nice to hear that there are other factors that play into it. It's also great to hear a rep actually talk about "the approach" openly. Thanks for sharing.

sue barr

Thanks...I so needed this Reality Check.. I spent today looking through source books and websites for a new agent and somehow ended up on your blog... As I tweak my new website and approach Reps I will do so with a new perspective...again Thanks


Hi Sue,
Thanks for your kind note!
I am currently writing a post called A Good Book, soon to be followed by a post on Having an Agent - or Not?
I am glad I was able to inspire and encourage you to take action, it is really all so simple.
Good luck!

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