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June 05, 2008


Lucas Cichon


Thanks for another great post! Something I'm struggling with right now. Putting together new books can be a real pain.

Funny, it used to be we only had to worry about our books, now we have websites to deal with also.

Thanks again.


Thank you - and thank you for giving me an idea for another post! A Good Website!
baby steps...


I found you after reading Mister Haggart's blog. I like your writing style, so I come back.

This was a neat little snippet. What I'd be curious to hear (not because it matters at all, I suppose -- just that I'm nosy) is what the second book's images were like. I completely know what you mean about the first book -- my website kinda looks like that -- but what details can you share to further explain the second book that made it stick with you?

And, as always, thanks for being here and answering the questions of the rabble. (:


Great post. I think a lot of photographers are hustling so much they look for assignments all over the place trying to please everyone. At a seminar I once went to we were over and over told to narrow down our title "photographer" to say "portrait photographer" or "architectural photographer" because potential clients didn't want to figure that out.

I've only put one book together. I can't say it was great, but I learned to look at my book as an assignment for a magazine where all pictures should go together. That was a great experience.


Stina - that sound like a good approach. I think the trick is to know your limitations and to exploit them to the max. Do whatever you do well.
Scott - the second book had an essay on motels that was produced and cast, and also some images with similar vibe that blended well. The photographer told me that he produced the shoot for himself, specifically to show in a book. They were moody, mysterious and really good, sort of a riff on Edward Hopper, slice of life.
I bet he will get work with that book. I certainly remember the images very well because it made an emotional impression on me.


Kristina, GREAT! Can't wait to see what you have to say about websites.

Stina's seminar is pretty much what my old agent had me do. She had me create a one page website with just my portrait work on it.

My website is kind of a hodge-podge of what I like to shoot, portraits, panoramic shots, landscapes, anyway she had me put together this one page. Not sure how effective it was compared to my regular site but it does define my work a bit quicker I guess.

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